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Our Story

PandaPrank is a sneaker remake brand that integrates a creative agency and media platform, established in 2020. Initially rooted in street culture and using customized sneakers as a medium, the brand is dedicated to engaging with the trends and cultures of young people. Presently, we are gradually shifting our focus to the outdoor domain, fueled by a passion for nature and drawing design inspiration from it.



Our brand slogan and core values firmly believe in "Make Some Changes". We have always advocated for change, adhering to this brand philosophy and constantly striving to create a pair of shoes with a unique story. There is only one thing that people will regret, and that is being afraid of change and not living life adventurously. PandaPrank encourages everyone to embrace change and explore a fulfilling lifestyle through it.When you put them on, change is happening.We respect our Eastern roots and let inspiration never run dry.



The traditional handicrafts of Eastern intangible cultural heritage are treasures of the world's cultural heritage and an important part of Chinese culture. These handicrafts embody profound historical, cultural, and artistic significance and represent the brilliance and uniqueness of Eastern civilization. However, with the changing times, these traditional handicrafts also face the challenge of survival. In order to better inherit these intangible cultural heritages, PandaPrank, following the concept of "inheritance and innovation," constantly explores the combination of Eastern traditional handicrafts and modern art.It is precisely because of our respect and love for Eastern intangible cultural heritage that we can constantly break through ourselves in the field of sneaker design and explore new areas. PandaPrank hopes to inject new vitality into Eastern traditional handicrafts through our efforts, so that these intangible cultural heritages can shine even more brilliantly and make a contribution to the development of world culture.



We devote immense effort and passion into every pair of shoes, striving to provide consumers with the highest quality products. Throughout the production process, we adhere to a user-centered design philosophy, rigorously controlling every detail to ensure product quality and durability.During the research and development phase, we conduct extensive market research and user experience studies to gain a deep understanding of user needs and preferences. We combine current fashion trends and future trends to establishproduct design directions......Finally, we personally hand over each pair of shoes to consumers, hoping that they can feel our dedication and enthusiasm, and enjoy the best user experience.