Care & Process Instructions


Maintenance Instructions

  1. Custom shoes can be worn and washed normally. Avoid rough usage, sharp objects, and high-concentration organic solvents.
  2. When washing custom shoes and clothing, do not use hard brushes or chemical-based bleaching agents to prevent color fading.

Product Craft Description

  1. Fabric Cutting Customization: Some shoe designs utilize fabric cutting. The random patterns and textures resulting from cutting and slicing the fabric are normal.
  2. Shoe Nameplate: The nameplate on the shoes is made from recycled plastic bottle caps using hot-melt injection molding, promoting an eco-friendly and ecological approach. Variations in color distribution due to the hot-melt process are normal.    

Important Notes

  1. By placing an order through the platform, you authorize the customization service provider to purchase the original brand item on your behalf and customize it according to your chosen customization plan.
  2. The price displayed on the custom product purchase page includes the customization service fee and the cost of the original brand item purchased on your behalf.
  3. After the customization is complete, the following aspects will be checked: authenticity of the original brand item, consistency of the actual product with the customized design, completeness of accessories, and any craft defects. Upon receiving the customized product, you can check the original brand's anti-counterfeit tag.
  4. Each customized item is a unique creation with slight differences (such as minor color variations), which are not considered quality issues. In case of individual quality problems due to craft or material differences, returns are accepted (provided there are no signs of wear, washing, or use, the original packaging is undamaged, the anti-counterfeit tag is intact, and all gifts and accessories are included). Contact customer service for immediate assistance.   


Some sneaker designs use fabric cutting and customization. The random pattern and texture produced by the cutting and cutting of the fabric during production is normal.

The sneaker nameplate is made of recycled plastic bottle caps and made using hot-melt injection molding technology, advocating the concept of environmental protection and loving ecology. Due to the hot-melt process, the nameplate will have uneven color flow distribution, which is normal.



This product is purely hand-customized on genuine original shoes. The price of the product is the original shoes + customization fee. No fakes are sold in the store. The customized original shoes are purchased from genuine channels to ensure absolute authenticity and support formal platform identification and inspection.

The original shoes before customization have a certain degree of randomness. The difference after customization is the color of the sole or lining. Everything else is the same.

This product is all handmade. Due to different lighting conditions and display devices such as computers and mobile phones, there will be certain color differences in color, contrast, and brightness. There will inevitably be differences between the pictures you see and the actual products. Please be careful when taking photos!

Customized shoes can be worn normally and will not fade without serious rubbing or destructive behavior. The raw materials for product production are professional-grade leather pigments imported from the United States. The customization process adheres to strict color fixation procedures. After the last step of production, the uppers are covered with a protective coating. The shoes are waterproof and can be washed normally. Please avoid scrubbing too hard.

After receiving the sneakers, please leave them for a week before wearing them. Since the sneakers are customized through secondary color changes, in order to avoid problems such as paint explosions on the sneakers, the longer they are left, the more stable the paint will be. The wearing environment should be chosen to avoid contact with organic solvents and strong chemical corrosives, as well as scratches with sharp and hard objects.

For daily cleaning, just wipe it gently with a towel dipped in water. Do not use wet wipes containing alcohol and do not send them for dry cleaning to avoid damaging the paint layer.

Due to the special attributes of customized products, this customized product does not support returns within 7 days without any reason. If there is irreversible damage caused by customization (no traces of wearing, washing or use, the original shoe box has no damage or creases, and the gifts and accessories are complete), buyers are supported to return the product.