Alter On Wheels | Parc Central Guangzhou

Alter On Wheels | Parc Central Guangzhou

Following the Dongshankou event, PandaPrank's "Renewal" tour for old item transformation workshops is invited by JORDAN 218 TIANHE to delve into the heart of Guangzhou’s commercial district at Parc Central Guangzhou, embarking on a new journey.

Old Clothes Transformation Co-Creation Class

PandaPrank’s offline co-creation class offers an opportunity for those who follow the path of sustainability and dare to define new fashion trends to engage in "circular reconstruction." In the interactive area of the JORDAN 218 TIANHE experience store, participants will use deconstruction, reassembly, and sewing techniques to transform T-shirts into eco-friendly bags, realizing the recycling of old items. Whether professional or not, each "end-to-beginning" recreated piece is part of PandaPrank’s sustainable centripetal force. It is the support of each companion that allows the "Renewal Project" to transition from a cyber space concept to a real-life encounter, becoming a new fashion trend.

Screen readers, do you also want to become a partner in the "Renewal Project"? In the two-day event, let's return to the simple and pure state of item exchange, filled with joy and satisfaction. This season in Guangzhou, the sun is no longer scorching but has become gentle. Sunlight filters through the leaves, casting golden spots on old items, turning them into glowing treasures. From on-site old clothing collection to transformation, from brand introduction to concept transmission, from interactive mechanisms to the distribution of eco-friendly peripherals, we want to invite many friends interested in "circulation, recycling, and reuse" to pause, slow down, and listen to our voice.

The reason this event is called PandaPrank Renewal Project "Parc Central Station" is that you might have guessed it, there is another stop. We hope this event will continue indefinitely, this vehicle will always be on the road. Over time, those who agree with old item recycling will form an invisible community. Whenever you have old items that are no longer useful, you will think of our existence. Old item transformation will, like intertwined threads, bring everyone closer together. In the future, when we extend another invitation, there will be no need for formal pleasantries, just join us and let's reminisce together.

So, where would you like to meet next time?

The "Renewal Project" aims to give new life and value to donated old clothes. This project is like a dialogue with old items, listening to their stories and feeling the emotions they carry. We believe that every old piece of clothing has its unique beauty, and through our transformation, this beauty will continue and be reborn. In this process, we are both creators and witnesses, witnessing the wonderful fusion of old and new. We hope that through this project, more people will realize that old items are not equivalent to waste, but treasures waiting to be discovered. Together with PandaPrank, let's give new life to old items and let them continue to accompany us in a new form.