Wilderness Series | Extreme Adventure, Cycling and Mountain Exploration Together

Wilderness Series | Extreme Adventure, Cycling and Mountain Exploration Together

As humans progress forward, they leave behind a wilderness in their wake. Despite the passage of time and distance traveled, nature always finds a way to pull people back into its embrace. From Ulanqab northward, vegetation gradually becomes sparse until it reaches desolation.Overcoming obstacles, adventurers venture into the wild and encounter a massive volcano that seems to roar and stir up the earth beneath, as if a giant beast is lurking. The vast expanse of desert, hills, and plateaus explored by adventurers will redefine the boundaries of the everyday world. The stories of pioneers begin here.

At 15:47, we arrived at our destination, surrounded by cliffs, canyons, and gullies in the vast Gobi desert. From near or far, the scenery is spectacular, with few signs of human habitation. There are not many supplies along the way, and cell phone signals are intermittent, but we were fortunate to have brought enough water, food, and equipment to handle any problems on the road.The changing terrain is like the mysterious language of the desert, and for me, it’s a significant challenge to navigate between the mountains and strange rock formations while feeling the traces of life in the outdoors.

What's more important than filling the emptiness of desolation is what we choose to fill it with.

When facing difficulties, emptiness, or desolation, it's crucial not only to focus on the problem itself, but also to choose how to respond to it. This means that people have the power and responsibility to decide how to respond to challenges in life, to choose positive attitudes and actions to improve the situation, rather than passively accepting the situation. As Santosh Kalwar said in "The Wind Sand Stars," "We taste the festive passion and joy, but in reality, we have nothing. We are accompanied only by wind, sand, and stars."

Perhaps urbanites who are too constrained can choose to return to nature's embrace, to feel the breeze, heat, and sweat of cycling on their skin, and make some changes. Outdoors may not have signals, but it has a more authentic connection. Let's embark on a journey together into the unknown possibilities beyond the everyday.