The Beauty of Intangible Cultural Heritage: Bonsai Limited Edition | Pine Shadows

The Beauty of Intangible Cultural Heritage: Bonsai Limited Edition | Pine Shadows

Venture into the forest, ascend the mountains, Narrate stories through landscapes.

Bonsai is an artistic fusion of rigidity and softness; both mood and artistic conception are indispensable. Each element in the composition—trees, stones, pots, stands—carries significant meaning.

Bonsai represents the reshaping of life. While people may easily fade into dust, a craft or intangible cultural heritage can endure through generations of dedicated practice. Bonsai is the collision of antiquity and natural beauty, a concentrated sculpture of nature, and an art nourished by time. Lingnan bonsai remains vibrant due to its adherence to tradition and its resonance with contemporary times. "The essence of Lingnan bonsai is the concentration of all landscapes into one pot. Trees and stones are individual entities that coexist in unity, symbolizing the evolution of life. Placing a bonsai nearby, lighting incense, sipping tea, preparing brush and ink, and sketching the images in one’s mind allow inspiration to burst forth among the trees and stones, initiating a creation of natural art.

Lush vitality, changing seasons, filled with spring light, elegantly passed down.

For over sixty years, one has cultivated a realm of mountains and waters. Wearing a Tai Chi white shirt and black cloth shoes, with a calm expression, spirited and humble demeanor—that was our first impression of Master Li Weizhao. When discussing bonsai, he speaks eloquently, covering aspects of cultivation, trimming, and decoration. During this visit, we learned that Master Li Weizhao grows bonsai on his rooftop terrace, nurturing over two hundred small and medium bonsai in a space of several dozen square meters. His understanding of bonsai goes beyond its aesthetic value; it enriches his life experience. "Bonsai is not just about visual appreciation. Through cultivation and viewing, one can explore the spirit of nature and foster a broad love for the world," he said.

Gazing through wooden windows, shadows of bamboo swaying, Examining the courtyard, bonsai growing.

Reflection through objects; focusing on the self. Bonsai, to achieve the vision of trees in the mind, requires broadening one's perspective to express artistic conception within limited space. Over time, the aura and style between trees and stones depict the profound inner expanses of the human spirit. Bonsai can reflect one’s mind. The re-creation of sneakers also expresses the designer's aesthetic taste for "reinvention." Observing through objects, the final destination of the work is the viewer's inner self.

This collaboration between PandaPrank and intangible cultural heritage inheritor of Lingnan bonsai art, Li Weizhao, dialogues on the inheritance and innovation of bonsai techniques. It harnesses the brand's power to present the reflection through objects, embedding the art of bonsai into daily life. With a shared love for Eastern aesthetics and intangible cultural heritage, PandaPrank seeks to find intriguing connections between different materials. Through accumulation, layering, and combination, they record handmade traces and incorporate cross-boundary artworks with trendy contexts. A piece of craftsmanship, a moment of creativity, one person's story, a meeting of many.

Serenity in the forest, within reach, Ride the waves between mountains and waters, letting the spirit soar. Breaking through the mist, passing through trees, leaping into a serene forest corner. Feet on gravel, listening to birdsong, seeking the breath of nature with a keen stance. Sneakers placed on a stone table brew the undercurrents of landscapes. The flowing lines of the shoe body, surging aura, and subtle balance draw attention to the dual scenery in front of you.

The "Pine Shadows" limited edition of intangible cultural heritage series features gray and pale green as main colors, using elements like gravel, mist, and plants to recreate the appearance of bonsai. Wooden shoelace buckles engraved with "Spring Arrival," "Vigorous," "Interest," and "Green Peak" enhance the atmosphere of an ancient courtyard with suede decorations and rock texture prints on the shoe body.

The original shoes are from Louis Vuitton’s Trainer collection. This century-old luxury brand, with its rich legendary charm and elegant design, serves as a bridge between Eastern and Western cultures due to its inclusive and compatible brand culture. LV acts as a cultural ambassador in promoting traditional Chinese intangible cultural heritage, providing a broader platform. The classic embossed LV logo on the back of the shoe merges bonsai aesthetics with a playful exterior design, ensuring comfort and beauty while encapsulating the bonsai experience in the shoebox for the wearer.

Lingnan Bonsai, Like opening a window to glimpse its wonders.

Connecting objects to infuse bonsai art into sneakers, expanding the interpretation of daily life, Seeking a personal universe, depicting the era’s appearance. PandaPrank, rooted in Eastern soil, sees another possibility.